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Fiction - Suspense
Children's Picture Book

Hugh Holton Award Winner 2023

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Psychological Suspense


Pitch: THE PRICE YOU PAY is a propulsive kidnapping-for-ransom told against the backdrop of a Succession-style family business where the abducted woman is the daughter of a powerful, unscrupulous patriarch. 


Rae Dane witnesses the brutal kidnapping of her boss’s 30-year-old daughter Amanda. Before Rae can go to the authorities, the kidnapper swears her to secrecy by threatening her life and the life of her family. But she soon realizes the only way out of this deadly situation is to find her friend and bring the kidnapper to justice herself.

I’ve spent twenty years working for companies like the fictional Bender Furnishings in this story. One company I worked for actually had a kidnapping attempt on the daughter of the owner, which years later sparked the idea for this book. An FBI agent has read THE PRICE YOU PAY and given input on the investigation.

I write psychological suspense that relishes in "how people are," exploring dark drivers like jealousy, revenge and fear. I'm a member of Sisters in Crime and an active critique group.

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Children's Picture Books


The light and adventurous genre of kidlit has sunk its hooks in me and will not let go. I'm an active member of SCBWI, 12x12 Challenge, and part of a lively critique group with five members. I'm currently seeking representation with more than half a dozen polished manuscripts.

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Fox 11 Special Report

Fox 11 in L.A. featured my column. Thanks Marla and Elex!


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"You are such a good conversationalist. You feel really engaged. It makes me realize I need to talk slower and listen more and not interrupt. So thank you!"

Nic D, Santa Monica, CA

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