The Full Story


Sara Braas grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin with her two brothers, taking camping trips out West with their parents in the family van. Even on those trips, Sara always had her nose in a book. While attending the University of Wisconsin, she studied abroad in Vienna, Austria, and learned to speak fluent German. Then she moved to Munich to pursue a career in international business. 


Her work with BMW in Munich brought her to Los Angeles where she built a career in business while also learning to surf and enjoying the sunsets. She got her Master’s at USC in Public Administration, focused on Environmental Studies and Economic Development.


She met her husband, a German scientist, playing beach volleyball in Santa Monica. They have a daughter Avila, who is named after a beach, and a toothy rescue dog named Bernie. 


Sara's world travel and business career has provided perfect fodder for her writing. She is now back to her roots in Madison, Wisconsin, where she is an author of psychological thriller novels and children’s books with a sense of adventure at heart. 

Children's Picture Books

Sara is inspired by great poets and writers like Shel Silverstein and Julia Donaldson to create adventurous picture books that entertain and can help kids imagine the universe from a new angle.

Thriller Novels

Coming soon…Sara has been working on her debut novel about a kidnapping. She's seeking representation.


In the dark, northern winter, two women find themselves trapped by forces of bitterness and revenge, in a struggle to find their way home. SHE WAS TAKEN is a thriller novel that pushes the question of whether it’s possible to ‘come home again’ to a dangerous place.