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  • Sara Braas

Nic D - Episode 1 - There are worse places...

Ahh Santa Monica, CA, my home for over 12 years. I can certainly think of worse places to be quarantined.

I can't thank Nic D enough for being my very first guest and guinea pig. Like all things in my life, she has supported me as she supports all of her friends and family. A more generous woman, you will never meet!

This post went live on her birthday, appropriately, and I can't be more grateful that she is close to the center of my network.

Podcast description

In this very first episode, we are speaking with Nicole in Santa Monica, CA. Nicole has a great outlook and perspective on life in general, as well as on this current crisis. It's interesting to get her take on life in LA during quarantine and what she is doing to stay connected and to get through.

Nicole’s tips:

Shop small, local grocery stores (like; Make fresh pasta - (Imperia pasta machine); Jumping in the ocean without getting busted by lifeguards; Doing Katonah Yoga; Jumping rope; Watching rom coms

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