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  • Sara Braas

4/10 #Writingyearinreview 2023

I got to attend ThrillerFest in NYC in June and the whole experience exceeded my expectations:

·      Got to meet Walter Mosely – one of my/my dad’s writing heroes.When I moved to LA, my dad gave me Devil in a Blue Dress and A Little Yellow Dog and I poured over them. When I’d drive around the city I’d recognize streets that Easy Rawlins drove down (Figueroa, etc) and I’d get so excited and feel at home.

·      Got to talk with inspiring writers like JD Barker and SA Cosby and Lisa Gardner and Karin Slaughter and RL Stein and Michael Connolly they all generously gave their time and answered questions and gave advice to an aspiring writer like me.

·      Every session was packed with useful insights. I took two notebooks worth of notes.

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