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  • Sara Braas

5/10 #Writingyearinreview2023

In 2023 I got up the nerve to pitch my novel at PitchFest (Part of ThrillerFest). I pitched 13 agents. The first one I talked to flat out turned me down. It stung, but I kind of knew he wasn’t for me. I just didn’t want to run up and give my first pitch to a dream agent and stumble through it, so I picked an agent I wasn't sure about for a dry run (sorry). He said it was a good pitch, just not for him. Fair. The other 12 said YES! They asked for everything from 2 chapters to the whole manuscript. It was great practice for distilling my novel down into a 1-2 min elevator pitch. So far I still #amquerying but I'm proud of myself for putting my work out there and grateful to PitchFest for the opportunity.

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