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  • Sara Braas

6 Keys to Working on Your Network - August mini workshop

Thanks for listening in to this month's workshop on networking. Below are the 6 keys to working on your Network.

Here is the Networking Tracker I promised during Part 3 of the workshop. I hope it helps you with building your network.

Networking Tracker
Download XLSX • 19KB

1-Establish your Strategic Networking Goals - what do you hope to accomplish through networking

2-You Already Have a Network - you may just have not thought about your connections in this way before

3-Be Authentically Yourself

4-Make Real Connections

5-Start to Grow Your Network - by adding work colleagues, industry or trade association contacts, alumni association contacts, friends of friends, online acquaintances, etc

6-Establish Connecting Touchpoints - Determining when and how often to contact people in your network

Download the attached document for a full list of the activities covered in the three episodes as well as a handy tracker document.

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