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  • Sara Braas

Fluoresce - Word of the Month

Welcome to my first word of the month post - Fluoresce.

According to the Oxford Dictionary fluo·resce /ˌflo͝oəˈres/ Learn to pronounce


  1. shine or glow brightly due to fluorescence. "the molecules fluoresce when excited by ultraviolet radiation"

As a rhyming picture book writer, wordplay and creative rhymes are encouraged. When my firefly character, finds herself trapped, she is looking for anyway to escape. In the end, she makes her light fluoresce to notify her swarm she's in trouble.

But, fluoresce also has a deeper meaning - to let your light shine. To let your special gifts or talents show to the outside world. It's bold and takes courage to be a content creator and put your ideas out for criticism and adoration (hopefully more of the latter).

That's why it's great when writers and creators lift each other up and shine their lights to help your path. It's a gift. So let's shine our lights and support the arts, big and small.

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