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We're going live on Tuesday!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Oprah and I are starting a podcast. OK, well, not together. But we are both starting one nonetheless. She will arguably get more listeners. And, I'm ok with that. I haven't earned mine yet. But, I do have something to say. I've been feeling that for a while now, and I want to start adding to the creative content out there. Me, a content creator! I couldn't be more excited to start this.

Oprah's podcast is about Covid-19 as well. Which is strangely validating. This is an idea that has merit, because Oprah is doing it too. I was thinking that there are plenty of podcasts about the science behind Covid-19 and about its path, the cities and people it's impacting. But I didn't see much about the people who are sitting at home, obeying orders to shut down their normal lives. And I think those stories are interesting too.

What is happening with our emotions, our jobs, our kids, our lives? How is everything changing? Everything is put on pause.

To live through such a strange time and do what we are told to do in the hopes that it works. That our people will be spared.

A few weeks ago I spoke to my friend Massimo in Milan, Italy and he warned me what was coming to us. He said, just wait, it's only a matter of time. And I felt like I got a glimpse of the future us in talking to him. And now, here we are, living what he was living. He gave me the right warnings. And, I braced myself. But I was going through my own personal challenge and wasn't ready to face what was going on in Italy and what could soon be going on in the U.S.

My dad was passing away, and I was focused on that. Being there with him, in his assisted living facility, saying goodbye. Holding his hand. Hugging him. Getting to do what I now see is a luxury, to hold his hand and have him feel us there while he passed away. How many people during this crisis will lose someone and not get that chance.

We did not get to have the funeral because just days after he passed away (from a long battle with Parkinson's disease) the lockdown started in Wisconsin. So, we had to postpone the services. And I was disappointed in that. But, now, in retrospect, I am just grateful he didn't have to die alone, like so many.

I'm sharing his obituary below, which is a very personal share. But I'm so proud of him and the life he lived.

When I came up for air from my dad's passing, I found myself working from home. And, facing the impending situation of Coronavirus. And I thought to myself. What can I during this time? I hope it helps someone. I know that it has already helped my friends and me.

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